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Wireless, Hotspots, Satellite, Domain hosting, VoIP, IT solutions, Last mile internet connection, Business profiling, Web design and  Web hosting. We can assist with it all.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet access allows one to connect to the Internet without having to use cables or telephone lines because connectivity is gained via radio waves.


Fibre allows one to connect to the Internet with a high speed connection gained through complex cables underground


Move up in connections with ADSL

About Us

We at Air Broadband strive to deliver the best possible connection you desire, whether it be Wireless Internet, ADSL or Fibre

With the latest wireless technologies or the newly captivating fibre connections, we can assist you with reliable, fast internet.

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Sit back and relax while our team of technicians install the equipment needed to get you up and running.

Once we have sent out our crack team of sales agents to do a free site survey for your new internet connection, we will provide you with a full quotation for the installation.

Please note, our installation price is subject to written quotation – certain circumstances might need us to alter the price.