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No Limit. Real Fibre.

Low cost and high speed fibre offers you a new way of streaming, gaming and other online services. With tons of packages to choose from that let’s you experience Real Fibre.

Experience Internet the Real way.

Get connected with internet and experience new ways of connecting you to the world, from streaming to gaming and browsing – The world gets put in your hands.

Our Connectivity Services

Fibre for the Home

Why fibre will fill your internet needs 

Why choose Fibre

With fibre being more financially sound and convienient for us South Africans, the days of buffering and slow downloads will be an issue of the past. With the obvious advantage of increase in speed, letting you and your family stream, play games faster than ever. But just how fast is the service?


Explore options that let you get connected

Why choose Wireless

On the fence about wireless internet?
With wireless internet you do not require a fixed line, making wireless quick and easy with minimal wiring. The flexibility of wireless lets you get internet access from almost everywhere, making wireless affordable in rural areas 

Manage Your Account with Real Throughput.

Mange your account with Real-Time throughput letting you see what your line is doing at crucial online moments.

Your Health and Safety is important to us. 

COVID-19 Corona Virus

All the news and information you need.

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

When it comes to health, everyone wants what’s best for themselves and their families.
See the latest information from the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal
so you can help prevent the spread of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19).


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