Real Fibre.

Real Fibre. to the Home.

Real Fibre is your way of enjoying the internet the Real way it was intended. Future proof your online world with our fibre packages. Experience access to fast and reliable internet at all time.

Real Fibre. Unthrottled.

Throttling is a thing of the past with Real Fibre. Experience the joy of uninterrupted speeds all the time.

Real Fibre. Uncapped.

With Real Fibre you get non stop access to the internet, letting you never stress on how much the modern world consumes your data.

Real Fibre. Unshaped.

No shaping has you have access to the internet with no drawbacks on your speed. Unleash your Real Fibre to its full extent.
Access Global Fibre Coverage
Fibre is available in the following areas:


What Speed Should I Choose?
10 Mbps – 50 Mbps: Enjoy blistering fast internet speeds. This is a good option for media-rich data, streaming HD movies and super-fast downloads. The ideal for an online-active family.

100 Mbps – 250 Mbps: This is effing fast internet! If seamless high speeds are essential to your family or business, then this is the one. Let everyone on your network experience mind-bendingly fast speeds at the same time.

How long will it take to get me connected?
This will depend on the turnaround for your installation and activation. Once the line has been installed in your premises it can take up to 5 days for the provider to activate your line. As soon as your Fibre line is active, you can be connected to Real Fibre. within 24 Hours.

Each provider has a different lead time for installation and activation. If your line is already activated, you’ll be connected shortly after you sign up.

Are there uncapped packages?

Yes of course!, in fact all package offers are uncapped data.

What happens if I cancel my fibre?

Should you cancel your Real Fibre less than 24 months from installation, or your account falls into arrears, you will be charged a cancellation fee of R1750
This is applicable on a 24 month contract.

On a month to month contract you will only need to supply us with a full calendar month notice

Is this a contracted service?

Access Global Fibre uses a month to month contract

What if my area isn’t covered by Fibre?
Get in touch with us and we can let you know what the expected rollout time is for your area and we will keep you informed of any updates and other options


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